Who Is Responsible for Your Financial Security?

I attended the National Achievers Congress a few weeks ago in Johannesburg. The agenda was packed with great speakers, who all had incredible advice on how to invite long term sustainable financial success into your experience. Yes of course generating more income and creating financial wealth, is not the only measure of success, but what financial wealth does bring, is freedom. It presents you with choices, that you would not have had, had you not increased your income or accumulated the wealth in the first place.

Creating Financial Freedom

Financial freedom, is not the only measure of success, it is a facet of success, well worth the energy and resources, it will take to achieve. The changing world we live in has changed so many of the things we took for granted in the past. Job security is no longer guaranteed. You can no longer rely on working at the same company all the way through to retirement. Pension plans are completely inadequate. While listening to Kim Kiyosaki speak yesterday, she said that a huge proportion of people in the USA, reach retirement age, with less than $ 7000 to support them through their retirement years. This is, as you can imagine, is woefully inadequate.

Plan for your financial Freedom

I am sure that you want to enjoy a great lifestyle, filled with meaning and fulfilment and at the same time accumulate sufficient financial wealth, to allow you to achieve financial independence. This is not as hard as you might think. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, became financial free, when they were earning only $ 10 000 of passive income per month. I am sure you, are like most people and believe that you need millions of dollars of net worth, before you can call yourself financially independent. This is not true is at all. The secret to Robert and Kim’s ability to have called themselves financially independent with only $ 10 000 of passive income, was the fact that, their monthly expenses, were only $ 3 000.

Financial freedom is all about creating a plan, which will allow you to create sufficient passive income each month, which will allow you to cover your monthly expenses and yet still leave you with sufficient income to continue building your investments. The challenge we all have and why so many people struggle to create financial freedom in their lives, is simply that they keep increasing their lifestyle, beyond their earnings and they never invest to grow their sources of passive income.

Reduce Expenses

I am positive that you want to constantly keep improving your lifestyle and every time you increase your income. Be it through negotiating a new contract in your business, increasing your sales as a sales professional or by getting a salary increase, you increase you monthly expenditure. This is a really poor strategy, which will keep you trapped in a cycle of constant debt and one which will never allow you to achieve the financial freedom you desire and deserve.

Action Idea: Despite any windfall, which may come your way, as a result of a salary increase, new contract in your business or greater sales, fight the urge to increase your monthly expenditure. In fact look for creative ways of reducing your expenditure if possible. Remember this is all about short term pain, in the interests of long term gain. Learn the art of sacrificing, a little pleasure in the moment and instead focus on ways to reduce your monthly commitment towards debt.

Financial securityCreate Passive Income

Understand what passive income is. It is any sort of income you earn, that does not require you to trade hours for cash.

· Rental from property

· Income from network marketing

  • Dividends from shares
  • Dividends from your business. Note if you are self-employed and work in your business, exchanging your time for money, which is not passive income.
  • The proceeds from writing a book.
  • Affiliate marketing programmes
  • Any income you earn, which does not require you to exchange hours for cash.

Action Idea: When you reduce your expenses and increase your income, you are creating a set of financial resources, which is then available to you, to begin investing, so that you can create sources of passive income.

The moment you have reduced your expenses to a point where your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses and you still have more than 50 % of your passive income available, after paying all your monthly expenses, to allow you to continue growing your financial wealth, you have become financially free.

Always remember that the size of the passive income, which you need to create, is not as large as you might think. Your only challenge is to find innovative and creative ways of reducing your monthly expenditure and the size of the passive income you need goes down too. Instead of only focusing on one side of the equation, i.e. increasing your income, so that you can create financial freedom, focus on all three aspects, namely reducing expenses, increasing income and growing your passive income. When you get the formula right, financial freedom, is only a very short distance away in your future.

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